Refrigerated Containers – Shipping & Storage Containers

If you are about to loose your cool, phone Calnan’s.

Calnan’s can provide you with a range of refrigerated reefers for chilled or frozen applications. All refrigerated units come fully insulated with stainless steel interiors. The chilled containers operate at a temperature of + 4 degrees and require a single phase power supply. The three phase freezer units can operate down to a temperature of -25 degrees. Digital read outs are available on most refrigerated reefers.

On request chilled/freezer containers can come with lighting, shelving and choice of colour. Also a back up service by fully qualified engineers can be provided.

Refrigerated Reefers are an ideal quick solution to an immediate problem allowing you to have total control and 24 hour access to all your frozen goods.

If you have nowhere to position your refrigerated reefer contact Calnan’s, we can arrange placement in our depots.

  • Size 20′ x 8′ and 40′ x 8′
  • Fully Insulated
  • Supplied In Single and Three Phase Power
  • Digital Read Out
  • Optional Lighting, Shelving

  • Back Up Service By Fully Qualified Engineers
  • Choice of Colour