Stores / Garages – Steel Anti-Vandal Units

Calnan’s design and build bespoke garages and stores.

In previous projects our clients had requested the following -:


  • Reinforced weight bearing floors for generators, motors etc.
  • Structural roofs for carrying lifting equipment eg block and tackle, hoists etc etc.
  • Multi bay units with internal / external lighting, extraction fans in spray areas, roller shutter or sliding doors.

All our garages and stores can have various floor finishes eg timber finish, checker plate aluminium/steel, rubber matting, acid/ petroleum resistant, non-slip etc etc.. Electrics can be moisture proof and consist of single phase/three phase power or generator change over switches etc.

Stores for Shops
Ideal storage space for hire or purchase. A real problem solver especially at Christmas or Easter. In fact all year round. In this case the customer required the double stacking of eight 40’ units with the sides removed to give an internal open plan area of 80’ x 16’ per storey. A Loading bay was installed on the top floor of the stores for ease of over head placement. An Internal staircase was provided to access the second floor.

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