Chemical Stores – Steel Anti-Vandal Units

Calnan’s design and build a range of chemical stores suitable for containing small 5ltr drums to large quantities e.g. 45 gallon drums. Designs can allow for walk in area to forklift access. All units are fully seam welded, leak tested bunded areas, lockable doors and fixed or adjustable shelving.

These stores can also be designed to act as a secure bunded lock up for onsite fuel storage i.e. diesel tanks etc. (No more drained diesel tanks after the weekend!)

When you purchase or hire a Calnan Chemical Store, inform your insurance company immediately and request a reduction in your policy.

Technical Specifications

Our purpose built units come in a range of sizes from 4ft x 4ft up to 40ft modular building or whatever size you desire and can be used for a variety of applications and can be laid out internally to the consumer specifications. Store your fuel and lube oil in separate units

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