Shipping & Storage Containers

These containers are available new or second hand for national and international sale or hire and are ideal for storage of general products or machinery. They are available in a range of sizes and are supplied in a clean and weatherproof condition with lockable doors. An optional steel locking box can also be fitted for increased security. These units comply with ISO/CSC regulations. Containers are supplied in their original colours but can be repainted to the customer specifications. Many of our customers have had these units repainted in their corporate colours or others may simply have them re-sprayed to blend in with their surroundings.
Calnan’s storage containers are constructed from 14 gauge steel making these units very secure and together with 40mm treated timber floor helps protect your equipment or stock. We also specialise in modifications that include, but not limited to personnel doors, windows, internal insulation and electrics etc.

Secure Lockable Containers

Converted Shipping Containers

Refrigerated Containers