Secure, durable, weatherproof and spacious– shipping containers are a fantastic storage solution. At Calnan’s, we stock containers ranging from 10ft to 40ft in length, so are sure to have an option to suit your on-site capacity. We also provide our customers with the option of new or ex-hire.  If you are not too preoccupied with how your container looks then you may opt for ex-hire. These containers typically have a few scratches and some surface rust but remain in perfect working order. If you’re after something a bit easier on the eye you have the option of a brand new container that has come to us straight off the ship. If the way your container looks is very important then you can avail of a custom spray painting or even add external timber cladding.

Aside from aesthetics, you can opt to include several additional features that you may or may not require, depending on what you plan on storing and what you envisage using your container for. Listed below are our three most popular types of containers. Have a read and decide for yourself which option sounds like it would best suit your storage requirements.

Standard Shipping Containers:

These are bare steel containers with original timber flooring and lockable double doors which can be fitted with a locking box for added security. They are great for storing tools, machinery, and many other forms of equipment.  

Insulated Containers:

If you plan on storing linens, fabrics, clothing, furniture and certain types of metal more susceptible to rust, then having your container insulated would be a good decision. Insulation will protect your property from condensation and dampness whilst also providing a more sheltered environment – which will be much appreciated when you use your container during the cold winter months!

Electrical Fit-out Containers:

If you plan on spending any prolonged period of time  in your container then having it fitted with electrics would be a wise choice. An external socket can be fitted to connect to a power supply, allowing for the use of lights, heaters and other equipment. Windows and additional doors can also be added to give your container more of a workspace dynamic.

Above are only some of the options available to our customers. Whatever additional features you need your container to have, just let us know and we’ll make it happen! Talk to one of  our expert sales representatives today by calling (021) 4820260 (Cork),   (046) 9247175 (Meath) or emailing