In recent times steel units have become a popular choice with people looking for offices, coffee pods and even a place to call their home.  Why? –  They offer a  much-reduced building schedule, lower costs and increased flexibility. If you are considering purchasing your own converted shipping container or bespoke steel unit then here are some of the most factors to consider. 


Knowing exactly what your unit is going to be used for is essential as it will impact design and specification.  If we know what your requirements are, then our expert team can give you informed advice on things like plumbing, insulation and electrics. 


Is the ground on your site level? Will a haulier be able to access the site? Do you have adequate space to house your unit? These are all important things to consider before placing your order. It will help ensure that delivery runs smoothly and that you won’t run into problems down the line. 

 It’s also worth bearing in mind that once delivered your unit doesn’t necessarily have to stay in one location. Should the need arise you can adjust its positioning or arrange to have it moved to an entirely new site. 


This may be an obvious one but depending on the size and specification of your unit pricing can vary significantly. For example, a typical 10ft standard steel coffee shop will cost a deal less to build than a 20ft one fitted out with additional plumbing and electrics. One of the main reasons for this is due to the cost of raw materials. The price of steel in particular has increased in recent times due to supply issues.    

If you have any questions about a particular project you had in mind or you’re looking for further advice then give us a call today. You can reach our office in Cork on (021) 4820260 and our Meath office at (046) 9247175. You can also contact us via email at